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Farm Happenings and Catch Up

Hello all, Sorry for the recent absence, I was off in Alaska land enjoying time with friends and the beauty that is the North. I thought I’d share a catch up post as we have been very busy on the farm. Before I left… Continue Reading “Farm Happenings and Catch Up”

Goodbye Gerty

Yesterday was a rough day on the farm full of mixed emotions. I got my first egg and I lost my first hen. Gerty had started nesting a few days ago and I started to anticipate the arrival of the first egg on Canadian… Continue Reading “Goodbye Gerty”

Chicken Guard Dogs in the Making

August is officially here and we are closing in on the one year mark of my arrival in Canada. My goodness, for a season that doesn’t last very long, summer sure has kept me on my toes. The chickens have been continually running my life… Continue Reading “Chicken Guard Dogs in the Making”

Our Chicken Coop

Let me tell you about our chicken coop. If you will, remember back to the beginning of the summer where it all began… A sea can arrived at Canadian Acres. It was hard to imagine what the end product would look like, but we… Continue Reading “Our Chicken Coop”

Too many Dicks on the Dance Floor

Well, it’s official. We have a major cock problem here at Canadian Acres. My hopeful wishing that our rooster Dick was the only of his kind in our starter flock of 14 has proved unrealistic. The count is now at 6 cocks, 8 hens.… Continue Reading “Too many Dicks on the Dance Floor”