In 1979 Bill Mollison coined the term permaculture to describe his methodology for the “conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.” Each of our classes and workshops are based upon this philosophy and design principles, and we strive to work with nature, not against it, in everything we do.

April 11th 7pm – 9pm, $60

This class introduces Permaculture and how it applies to design in the garden. What is permaculture? Permaculture utilizes natural principles to design systems that are sustainable for people and the earth. They work with nature, not against it, resulting in less maintenance and less work! 

In this class we will discuss your garden goals for 2019, the power of observation, site selection, resources/limitations, design elements, garden bed shapes and planting guides. I will bring items of inspiration, planning tools and hopefully some humour to your 2019 garden journey. 

April 25th 7pm – 9pm, $60

Join me and learn everything you need to know to start your seeds early to extend our short growing season. We will cover everything from type of seeds to buy to different growing mediums and light set-ups. We will also discuss direct seeding in the garden, intensive planting schemes and cold protection to start at our earliest opportunity here in the North! This is a hands-on class where you will be prepping your own trays, choosing your own seeds and taking home your future seedlings. 

May 16th & Sept 12 7pm – 9pm, $60

Come learn how to build your own sheet mulch and hugelkultur beds. This class will introduce both methods and actually have you help in building beds of each type. Sheet Mulching (also known as Lasagna gardening, no dig, etc) is a bio-intensive, resource intensive method of building soil and nutrient dense beds on top of areas that have been cleared, but not tilled. Ideal for transforming traditional lawns and weedy areas into gardens overnight! Hugelkultur is similar in method, but uses old, rotting wood to build the core of the bed to increase organic matter and create a “sponge” to help with water retention. 

June 6th 7pm – 9pm, $60

Do you think about the health of your living soil? Traditional agricultural is all about feeding the plant, and not about feeding the soil, which has major consequences on our earth and growing spaces. This workshop will go in-depth on soils in our area and how to create, encourage and maintain healthy living soils in your garden. You will also learn how to build a “hot” compost system and show you other composting techniques and ideas. This is a hands-on class, so dress to get dirty!

July 18th 7pm – 9 pm, $60

In permaculture, we look to natural systems to teach us how to grow food and plants more naturally, and what is more natural than the forest system? In this workshop, you will learn what a food forest is, how it functions and how we can apply techniques in your own garden. We will discuss hedgerows and plant guilds in depth and have some hands-on planting time. Forest gardening can be done on any scale and is a wonderful way to mimic nature at its best. 

Every other Tuesday, starting April 9th, $500

This class meets every other Tuesday from 7pm – 9pm through the entire garden season and teaches you how to garden from start to finish, the permaculture way!

  • Tues April 9: Intro to Permaculture & Garden Design
  • Tues April 23: Starting Seeds
  • Tues May 7: Sheet Mulching & Hugelkultur
  • Tues May 21: Planting 
  • Tues June 4: Compost & Tree Planting
  • Tues June 18: Living Soils
  • Tues July 2: Diagnosing Problems
  • Tues July 16: Forest Gardening & Guilds
  • Tues July 30: Food Preservation: Freezing & Drying
  • Tues August 13: Food Preservation: Canning & Fermenting
  • Tues August 27: Harvest & Seed Saving
  • Tues September 10: Winter Prep & Goal Evaluation

Hi, I’m Katy Peck and I’m an avid Northern gardener. I grew up in Alaska gardening with my Dad and fell in love with permaculture through a dear friend about a decade ago. Once I found the concept of permaculture, I have been inspired to create holistic, sustainable food systems ever since. I earned my Permaculture Design certificate from Oregon State University in December 2017 and currently teach courses on garden design, sheet mulching, hugelkultur, food preservation and more. I also offer garden consultations and am working on more online offerings and information. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of permaculture practices and design as well as the art of gardening in the North and becoming more self-reliant with others.

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