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Wild Rose Jam

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve last written, but I promise you I did not put waste to that time. Life got in the way of my writing time, hell, personal time and the blog was one of the first things to suffer. But… Continue Reading “Wild Rose Jam”

Saskatoon Season

Almost one month since my last post and it feels like it’s been roughly 3 days. The garden is growing, the weeds are growing faster and the sunlight is lessening each day. It’s been a busy month at the farm, full of adventure, weeding,… Continue Reading “Saskatoon Season”

Why I will never boil another egg

As light begins to come back to us through longer days, our gorgeous hens have upped their production of eggs. As of now, we have 8 full time laying hens: 4 olive eggers (green eggs), 1 mixed breed (tan egg), 2 blue orpingtons (light… Continue Reading “Why I will never boil another egg”

Venison Bacon BBQ Pizza

I am always looking for new ways to use wild meat since we have a freezer full of it. I don’t buy red meat at the store anymore, but most anyone who has tried wild meat knows, it can be difficult to find the… Continue Reading “Venison Bacon BBQ Pizza”

Stuffed Baked Pumpkins

As I sit down to write this post, I realize that it’s been almost a month (A MONTH!) since my last update. How is it that as we get older, time seems to speed up? Because when I was 7 and had little to do… Continue Reading “Stuffed Baked Pumpkins”