Too many Dicks on the Dance Floor

Well, it’s official. We have a major cock problem here at Canadian Acres.


My hopeful wishing that our rooster Dick was the only of his kind in our starter flock of 14 has proved unrealistic. The count is now at 6 cocks, 8 hens. And let’s be honest, I’m a rookie so a new one could pop up any day now.

First, it started with more and more crows joining the chorus. At all times of the day. Then, it followed with a plethora of cock fights and over zealous shows of strength and all things that are man. Now, the school yard bullying has topped the charts, and the hens are none too impressed. Poor Beatrix won’t even come out of the coop anymore.

Does Beatrix look impressed to you?

To quote one of my favorite Flight of the Conchords songs “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor”:

“Too many misters, not enough sisters,

too much time on too many hands,

not enough ladies, too many mans.”

My handsome Dick, the friendliest of the bad boys bunch
Mabelo, once dubbed “Mabel”
Milton, who was falsely identified as Millie for too long
Mr. Cleon
Ruben, the artist formerly known as Ruby
Doyle… I guess I can’t sing “Hello Dolly” to him anymore

Which brings us to the sad conclusion that butchering day will be here soon and although I fear, with a heavy heart, that I will cry through the entire process, I know deep down that my ladies need to be safe from the clutches of too much testosterone and oh how  I do love the taste of chicken. At least I know that they had a great life and were treated with the utmost respect.

For now, I do so enjoy hearing the attempted crows and the beautiful plumage of my fellas. Still not sure if we’re going to keep a rooster around, but I think Dick is definitely in the running for that position need it be filled.

Here’s to hoping that your days are not as filled with the over abundance of testosterone and crowing that mine are, and that you aren’t consumed with overwhelming idea of having to kill something, pluck it and eat it.


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