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The first babies on the farm

If you have ever felt the urge to get nothing done in your life, I suggest you hatch chicks under a broody hen. It has been 23 days since I set Josephine and Georgia on clutches of eggs and the last few days have… Continue Reading “The first babies on the farm”

Autumn Colors & Ugly Chickens

The Peace River Valley has come alive with the season of fall. The colors of the Peace hills are gorgeous and I am lucky to have an amazing view of them outside my windows. Everyday they grow more beautiful, and everyday we draw closer to duh-duh-DUH…… Continue Reading “Autumn Colors & Ugly Chickens”

Goodbye Gerty

Yesterday was a rough day on the farm full of mixed emotions. I got my first egg and I lost my first hen. Gerty had started nesting a few days ago and I started to anticipate the arrival of the first egg on Canadian… Continue Reading “Goodbye Gerty”

Chicken Guard Dogs in the Making

August is officially here and we are closing in on the one year mark of my arrival in Canada. My goodness, for a season that doesn’t last very long, summer sure has kept me on my toes. The chickens have been continually running my life… Continue Reading “Chicken Guard Dogs in the Making”

Our Chicken Coop

Let me tell you about our chicken coop. If you will, remember back to the beginning of the summer where it all began… A sea can arrived at Canadian Acres. It was hard to imagine what the end product would look like, but we… Continue Reading “Our Chicken Coop”