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Our Chicken Coop

Let me tell you about our chicken coop. If you will, remember back to the beginning of the summer where it all began… A sea can arrived at Canadian Acres. It was hard to imagine what the end product would look like, but we… Continue Reading “Our Chicken Coop”

Too many Dicks on the Dance Floor

Well, it’s official. We have a major cock problem here at Canadian Acres. My hopeful wishing that our rooster Dick was the only of his kind in our starter flock of 14 has proved unrealistic. The count is now at 6 cocks, 8 hens.… Continue Reading “Too many Dicks on the Dance Floor”

Permaculture and Hugelkultur – Adventures in Gardening

Permaculture, what? Hugelkultur, who? Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our journey in the wonderful world of sustainable gardening here at Canadian Acres. And it all begins with some funny sounding words with very big ideas. Over the last few years I had the… Continue Reading “Permaculture and Hugelkultur – Adventures in Gardening”

DIY Pallet Compost Bins

Well, another week has rushed by and we find ourselves faced with the weekend. This was (another) busy week and we finally finished a few looming projects on our list. Yesterday I took the time to build myself that DIY pallet compost bin I’d been… Continue Reading “DIY Pallet Compost Bins”

Are we having fun yet?

Things have been a little busy around these parts. We got home from vacation and all hell broke loose. Apparently the lack of snow brings the over abundance of farm work to be done. The chickens are growing fast and will be 8 weeks… Continue Reading “Are we having fun yet?”