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Deck the Shed with Lots of Game Meat…

Fa la la la laa laa laa laa la…. ‘Tis the season to feast and eat… Fa la la la laa laa laa laa la. Don we now camo apparel… Fa la la la la la laa laa laa. Tote around a single barrel… Fa… Continue Reading “Deck the Shed with Lots of Game Meat…”

Our 2014 Harvest

As the days grow colder and more of the leaves fall to the ground, I find myself thankful for the year we’ve had. Also, thankful for Canadian Thanksgiving and the fact that I now get to celebrate two Thanksgivings. Sweet! This weekend we spent… Continue Reading “Our 2014 Harvest”

Autumn Colors & Ugly Chickens

The Peace River Valley has come alive with the season of fall. The colors of the Peace hills are gorgeous and I am lucky to have an amazing view of them outside my windows. Everyday they grow more beautiful, and everyday we draw closer to duh-duh-DUH…… Continue Reading “Autumn Colors & Ugly Chickens”

Citrus Vanilla Kitchen & Coop Cleaner

Dear Vinegar, Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways ~ 1. Kitchen: you make my salads, my soups, my pie crusts and my overall health delightful. You keep my veggies pesticide free and my eggs debris-less. Don’t forget you’re mighty skills… Continue Reading “Citrus Vanilla Kitchen & Coop Cleaner”

Fall on the Farm 2014 – A week in photos

Last September brought sunshine and warm temperatures. This September brings an early, gorgeous fall full of surprises. We’ve had snow, sun, wind and an amazing display of color. Hunting season is upon us and we are hoping to harvest an elk and some deer for… Continue Reading “Fall on the Farm 2014 – A week in photos”