Fall on the Farm 2014 – A week in photos

Last September brought sunshine and warm temperatures. This September brings an early, gorgeous fall full of surprises. We’ve had snow, sun, wind and an amazing display of color. Hunting season is upon us and we are hoping to harvest an elk and some deer for the freezer. Our evening walks have turned into hunts as we are lucky to have over a thousand acres to explore. Clay packs his gun, and I pack my camera.

Clay practicing for hunting season
Maynard free ranging with the littles… he’s grown an appetite for chicken scratch


The boys playing on the banks of the Peace River
Back channel off of the Peace
My old man keeping pace on a hike
First canoe trip with the whole family. Boys did great!
Maynard LOVES to swim and has been practicing very hard to look like a normal dog whilst doing it
I got some new babies. Two turken eggers (like my Gerty) and four frizzles
Glorious day on the Peace River
Fall foliage on the farm
Maynard matches the fall decor perfectly
Hunting for elk on our evening walk
Our rogue canola field
Maynard hard at work
Evening on the farm


Fall has proven to be just as busy as our summer season as we begin to put the farm to bed for the winter. There is much cleaning, mulching, harvesting, preserving and playing to be had. What a wonderful life to live.

Wishing you a beautiful and busy fall season.


8 Comments on “Fall on the Farm 2014 – A week in photos

  1. Oh my gosh Clay & Kate how beautiful !! Even a Four wheeler !! Love it ..Keep them coming as really enjoy everything you write about (by the way you are one heck of a writer ) Uncle Leo says Hi ..Love Aunt Judy

  2. So amazing. Just beautiful…wish we lived closer so I could join you on a hike, or a canoe ride. 😉 Benson says hello.

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