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Work-Life-Farm Balance

Oh hello there, long time no see… Things have exponentially gotten busier around these parts as spring has officially sprung (thank god). I started a job in town 2 weeks ago and we are in the throes of dealing with this new concept we like… Continue Reading “Work-Life-Farm Balance”

Warmer Weather

March has arrived and with it, warmer weather. At least today. I have spent most of the day outdoors with my critters enjoying the sunshine and thought you all might like a peek into our funny little world. Wyatt and Sake have been working… Continue Reading “Warmer Weather”

Chicken Mania

Well, it’s official. I have a fever and the only prescription is more chickens… Just kidding… kind of. The easter eggers and olive eggers are enjoying their new home in the coop and the outdoor run. The only problem we’ve encountered is a daily… Continue Reading “Chicken Mania”