Chicken Mania

Well, it’s official. I have a fever and the only prescription is more chickens…

Just kidding… kind of.

The easter eggers and olive eggers are enjoying their new home in the coop and the outdoor run. The only problem we’ve encountered is a daily chipmunk raid, but Dick the rooster is taking his job very seriously and on full guard. The ladies seem very interested in chasing the buggers out of their coop.

Dick the rooster taking his job very seriously

Dick the rooster taking his job very seriously

The coop is proving to be a well insulated home for the flock. Their peeps are slowly turning into clucks and I must say, they are growing into some beautiful chickens.


Group snack time


My dirty Gerty, our dinosaur chicken


Growing in those fluffy butts


Mable and Beatrix, the gossip gals

And I don’t even have to miss the peeps as we have 12 new littles to eventually add to the gang. I picked up 12 black/blue/splash orpington chicks from our chicken lady at Copious Keep Heritage Farm down the road. I’ve just fallen in love with my birds and I would highly recommend them as your chicken and duck hook up in northern British Columbia. I’m already dreaming of getting a pair of Ancona ducks for my garden next year (please Clay, pretty please).

So, since I have so much time on my hands I decided to do a fun little photo shoot with my baby chicks. Yep, this is my life now. But come on, how cute are they!


Orpingtons – my guess is splash on the left and possible blue on the right?


I think I got lucky and ended up with two little splash orps


They were such good sports


There is much to do in the following weeks before company arrives. Finishing the coop, flower beds, lawn, etc. Photos from the week to come soon.

And…Wyatt just chased a black bear out of the yard, so it’s time to go! Have a great week everybody~




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