Warmer Weather

March has arrived and with it, warmer weather. At least today. I have spent most of the day outdoors with my critters enjoying the sunshine and thought you all might like a peek into our funny little world.

Wyatt and Sake have been working on their relationship…

Wyatt is working on his “easy” skills
They both got in a good sniff
Then Wyatt was ready to play
The intensity Wyatt, the intensity
We also worked on his “lay down” skills
My handsome old man
Then she just started to taunt him
She would tolerate playing under the BBQ
In the end, the sun won and they both took a nap
Ain’t she purrrrty

The cat’s ratings went up when Wyatt noticed she could get ONTO the barbecue. The plot, as always, thickens.

The chicks are more active everyday as well as their Mama. Dad came in to see the babies for the first time, and although Josephine wasn’t stoked, she tolerated him a lot better than everyone else.

1-mama and babies
1-DSC_0012 (2)
The four newest fluffs: Hazel (yellow), Mabel (all black), Malka (middle) and Phil (if he turns out to be a she, Philomena it is)
1-DSC_0017 (2)
Beatrix checking out the scene… and the food

The chickens are happy for the sun.

1-DSC_0029 (2)
“My mom cleaned out the chicken coop and all I got was this lousy chicken” ~Sake
1-DSC_0042 (2)
Georgia takes a dust bath in the sun
1-lap time nap time
I can’t sit down without someone on my lap

I hope you all are enjoying March so far, just keep in mind.. in like a lamb, out like a lion. Or in my case, in like a chicken, out like a Wyatt 🙂




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