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My Permaculture Garden – Planning an Edible Food Forest in zone 2b-3

Sunshine and mud is upon us and thus brings unrealistic hopes of gardening in the near future, if you live in the North. We have at least one more month of cold temps and snow before we can begin to see the landscape change into… Continue Reading “My Permaculture Garden – Planning an Edible Food Forest in zone 2b-3”

Homesteading Goals: 2015

After writing the summary post of our first year on the farm I am amazed at how much we accomplished… and also a little overwhelmed because I mean, how in the heck do we top that?! But with the New Year brings a refreshed… Continue Reading “Homesteading Goals: 2015”

NPHS 2014 Garden Tour

    Yesterday was an inspiring and overwhelming day. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that NPHS stands for the Neil Patrick Harris Society, but alas, it does not. It stands for the North Peace Horticultural Society and they sponsored a garden tour of… Continue Reading “NPHS 2014 Garden Tour”

Permaculture and Hugelkultur – Adventures in Gardening

Permaculture, what? Hugelkultur, who? Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our journey in the wonderful world of sustainable gardening here at Canadian Acres. And it all begins with some funny sounding words with very big ideas. Over the last few years I had the… Continue Reading “Permaculture and Hugelkultur – Adventures in Gardening”

DIY Pallet Compost Bins

Well, another week has rushed by and we find ourselves faced with the weekend. This was (another) busy week and we finally finished a few looming projects on our list. Yesterday I took the time to build myself that DIY pallet compost bin I’d been… Continue Reading “DIY Pallet Compost Bins”