Farm Life with Baby

Garden helper

So apparently, I can’t do it all.  I apologize, as you all seem to get the brunt of that. Life has been amazingly good, but oh so busy and it seems that sitting in front of a computer in my office area does not make it high on the priority list these days. I’m saving for a laptop to change those ways hopefully soon, but until that day, pardon my manners and allow me to attempt to catch you up on what’s been happening on the farm. So.Many.Things. I suppose I’ll start where our biggest challenges began this summer. Managing a new baby on the farm, getting stuff done and keeping our sanity. We seemed to get at least two out of those three things accomplished.

He fit great in my baby K’tan early on, but quickly out grew it. We moved up to our Mountain Buggy carrier and really enjoy it.

Bowman is growing fast and keeping us on our toes. He decided to crawl at 6 months and hasn’t stopped moving, and now it’s a whole different level of parenting around here. The dogs have warmed up to the idea of having him mobile – well Wyatt mostly tries to poach his food and Maynard has become a full duty Nanny, which includes 20 minute check-ins, constant face/hand/area clean up, warning growls in case of intruding baby snatchers and judgmental stares if he thinks I’m being neglectful of the cries coming from the nursery. I finally understand the whole “pit bull nanny dog” title. So there’s that. The chickens seem curious and the cat is super tolerant. He also loves to hitch rides in the stroller on our walks. The horses too are curious, and nothing brings a smile to Bowman’s face faster than one of the animals. All in all, life has continued on the farm and our little one fits right in.

Under our shade sanctuary, Maynard on guard. Oh the easy days of him not being mobile.
New lap in town.
Big smiles, all around.

In the beginning, we were unsure how life, let alone farming life would happen with a baby added to the mix. It seemed… overwhelming I guess, to haul around a little person and get what we needed to accomplished done, especially outside and safely. How would we get chores done? Plant the garden? Tend the animals? Harvest? There was so much to do, and we lead such busy lives, how could we possibly do it all?

Well for one, I started drinking coffee. That helped.

But as I said before, even with coffee, we couldn’t do it all.  That was the first thing we had to accept as new parents. It just wasn’t feasible to get it all done. I also had to relax a bit more on my level of perfection I’m used to. I had to learn to live with the weed infested gardens (very weed infested), the un-washed floors, the piling up paperwork in the office, the un-sent birth announcements (sorry) and the un-made beds (just kidding… I’m not an animal). Not an easy task for me, but with practice, patience and a few tears, I learned to let go. I also had to maximize nap time. That was huge. On nice days, our baby monitor could reach most places around the house or he would sleep outside. On rainy, stormy days I got a hell of a lot of canning done. Prioritize and maximize people.

Like, a lot of canning. This is only the half of it.

Baby wearing has been a lifesaver for both of us. Yes, that’s right, my husband (proudly) wears his son, often.  It frees up our hands to get chores done and is also a convenient way for me to ride with him in the SxS. We also relied heavily upon our Pack n’ Play, our stroller and a shade gazebo we put up on our deck. The days get very sunny and hot in the summer and it was imperative that I had a sanctuary for the baby as well as the dogs and me. We also made adjustments so I could have some garden areas closer to the house which made it easier to tend and gather dinner supplies. It all worked out to be a great system for us.

Tractor chores!
Swing with a view.
My garden supervisor, well one of them. I actually have 4 – two dogs, a cat and a baby. Why can’t any of them help weed! On a side note, that weed infested bed right there was calculated as a total loss until the end of the season when I pulled 50 lbs of beets and 30 lbs of carrots out of it.
He’s an excellent harvest helper.
Fencing with Dad
And an even better egg gatherer.
Summertime naps.
Supervising Dad build me my kitchen garden.

As we did more, we grew more confident and learned new ways of doing things. We also learned that our little guy is definitely a farm kid. He went with the flow for most things and took this lifestyle in stride. Our productivity went up and we started to get more things done. We also took time to enjoy ourselves, our new life and our newest family member. I think that was the most important lesson of all. We went on hikes, to parties, swimming, on picnics, lounged in the sun and even went on  a quad trip into the mountains for the long weekend. And you know what? The farm thrived! The gardens produced, the animals were happy, projects got started and finished and the weeds lived happily ever after. It was a glorious summer and we took full advantage, and it turns out, living our life with a baby isn’t hard. It’s just our life, except now we have to remember to pack diapers.

Ready for our 6 hour trip into the mountains. It poured rain on us the whole time and he didn’t cry or fuss once. That’s our boy!

So we adventure on and head into the winter months! We have lots of travel coming our way and I hope to update you more on our busy busy summer soon. Have a great day and remember, keep love in your heart and kindness in your thoughts, rise to meet your challenges, remain optimistic that anything can be done and never, ever underestimate the power of coffee.


6 Comments on “Farm Life with Baby

  1. OH i love this post!!!! We are expecting our first baby (human baby) in April. And all I can think of is how great to spend the spring/summer with a little one near by. I plan on taking the baby with me to the garden to the barns and along with any other chores we have. I’m so happy to hear its working out wonderfully for you! Pack and Plays and baby wraps are on my list as must haves. Did you find a good stroller that works well for outside in grass and dirt?

    • Congrats! We LOVE our BOB Revolution SE Single stroller! It’s expensive but does great on all of our trails around the farm and in the garden. A must have in my book 🙂

      • That’s exactly what I need! I’ll look into these. Thanks for the suggestion. Congratulations on baby Bowman, he’s adorable.

  2. You guys are doing awesome with juggling baby and farm! You sound like us, we use many of the same tactics you listed, in addition to having older kids to help out too the last few years. You have to learn to bend and let some stuff go, but baby/toddler and farm can go together. Keep it up!

    • Thank you! It’s always nice to hear that there are other families doing it and keeping up with the farm lifestyle!

  3. You are simply amazing. My littles are now 7 and 5 years and I can’t imagine doing all the farm work I do now, back when they were babies (we were city kids then). Absolutely fabulous how much you are doing! Don’t feel bad about anything you’ve left undone, it’s incredible (to me) just how much you are doing.

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