A Birthday Well Spent


Yesterday was my 33rd Birthday, and I must say, with this new life comes a new set of priorities and expectations. Gone are the days of the wild parties and booze for presents (although, I did get some wine so I’m still keeping it real) and welcome are the days of quiet reflection and a heart full of love. I spent the weekend making new friends, spending time with good friends and laugh-laugh-laughing until my stomach hurt. I spent my actual Birthday on the farm, with my critters and my beloved husband. The love was insurmountable as it came in from all over the globe, and everyone pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as presents go. With this simple life brings a sense of needing, not wanting and an appreciation for life and it’s experiences. Here’s a little look into my day:

I call this one “Dog watching Cat watching Bird”
The BEST photo bomb of all time
My chooks got a cabbage pinata for the occasion
Sake went on a walk with me down to the tack shed (which she quickly disappeared into)
Along the way, we saw the first squirrel of spring
I took some oats down to the horses, it was a beauty of a day
Thor, as always, stoked for oats… I mentioned to my husband we may need to trim Thor’s feet which means some major ground work with our soon to be two-year-old stud
My sweet boys
And… another photo bomb
If you can’t tell by now, our “wild” Fjord stud is quite the baby…. he just LOVES attention and treats
After oats and pets it was time to party
This was the most party action I’d see all day
Tyrion actually came up looking for pets from me, which is rare since he’s pretty shy. Definitely put a smile on my face and I’m quickly becoming smitten with this handsome guy
Made it into town for a Birthday shot… my how times have changed 🙂

The chickens got a pinata, the horses, some oats, the dogs got to go on a ski and the cat on a walk. My husband and I had supper in town and talked about the garden and we are hopeful to start in early April (one month away!) All in all, a very successful day.

I am so blessed and so thankful, and after such an amazing year at 32, I am so excited to see what 33 brings.

And don’t worry, it wasn’t all full of unicorns and rainbows… Maynard had an issue with his… eherm… boy part that Mom had to fix and then we found out Wyatt has worms. Happy Birthday to Me!

Cheers to getting older, growing wiser and enjoying the simple things in life.



8 Comments on “A Birthday Well Spent

  1. Happy belated Birthday, I am envious…you get to garden in April? I never get to plant before mid May, the winters here last until the end of April .

    • I wish! No, alas I won’t be able to plant until early may (just my root crops) but we hope to start the garden design in April as we have to get up our 8 foot elk fence and start moving in compost and building beds. All preliminary but I’ll take it!

  2. “Cheers to getting older, growing wiser and enjoying the simple things in life.” Cheers to that for sure. It looks like you are doing something great things. You should be proud of doing so much.

  3. Happy birthday All Looks well We have pussy willows out so spring is on its way Thanks for the wonderful updates Auntie Sheila

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