Weekend on the Farm

This weekend brought cold temperatures and sunshine for us on the farm. The winter has proven a formidable nemesis for chores, and we find it hard to motivate ourselves to bundle up and head out into the weather. Alas, we must, so we do… but we make sure to keep the wood stove stoked and the tea kettle on the ready.


These Pine Grosbeaks are my favorite new members of our wild bird crew


1-DSC_0081 We had two coyotes in the field on Saturday… Clay grabbed my .243 to make sure they didn’t find the hen house. Wyatt did not bark


The very prepared hunter after he missed his targets


We had to jump ol’ whitey to get him to start, but he finally did and we took a bale of hay down to the horses


Clay hauled in some wood to replenish our stack


We groomed some ski trails around the farm with this nifty groomer Clay built. Maynard sure does love to mess up all those pretty tracks we lay down… but he has so much fun we can’t help but let him


Kindling was on my to do list and I got to use my gorgeous Alaska axe


Fluffy butt Friday


My handsome rooster Beatrix


Good to know that Sake likes chicken scratch

There you have it folks, a little peek into our weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as we enjoyed ours.




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