Bear Butts – Game Cam Update August 2014

After checking one of our game cams after only a few days yesterday, it’s become apparent that we aren’t the only busy beings on the farm. We set up the camera in a new location, on a huge game trail that I use to ski on in the wintertime.

We have quite the resident black bear population at the farm
Two little bears on the prowl
Mama and baby

I should note that most of these critters are heading in the direction of the house… don’t tell Wyatt.

Lot’s of action in a few days but no huge racks to be found, so we’re hoping to see some big game as fall approaches.

Happy Monday to you!


This what we look like when we’re traveling the property… Clay is training for a sheep hunt and I’m just hanging out with a gun, no big deal 🙂

One Comment on “Bear Butts – Game Cam Update August 2014

  1. Brings to mind the old saying of “I don’t have to run fast…just faster than you!!”

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