The Wild Ones – Update August 6, 2014

This weekend brought the mess and chaos that canning brings to my house annually. It was hot, it was sticky and most importantly, it was magic.

More on that whole scene later,  the real reason to bring it up is because while I was so busy storing away goods for the winter my father-in-law got a chance to head across the river and check on the wild ones (jealous).

He found 29 horses in all, and everyone looks happy, fat and healthy. The teeny tiny babies I fell in love with this spring are growing into fine horses and it’s so nice to see.

Here are a few select photos from Timber’s trip (thank you for taking them in my absence). Clay and I will attempt to canoe across the river to check them out ourselves this fall, somewhere between kayak trips and hunting trips and all the work in between.

Loving them oats
Two little foals growing up fast
Beautiful colorings
Enjoying a gorgeous day
Someone has some very similar markings to Mom
Looking pretty healthy for wild horses
I want to call this one Bambi because I think the mark on it’s side looks like a deer…
The Bachelor Bunch, aka Clay’s idea of our future pack string

Hope you enjoy the updated photos as much as we did. I am itching to get my Nikon D5100 back into commission and over the river and through the woods.


2 Comments on “The Wild Ones – Update August 6, 2014

  1. Katy, I love your blogs. Your pictures and comments are great! this reminds me of growing up on a farm, hard work but good memories. love you, A.Penny

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