It’s been a busy week for us at the farm. The weather is warm but the wind is howling! We’ve been having a major battle with our road (pictures to come soon) but for the most part we are anxious for the snow to disappear. The fields and hills have been clearing fast and the critters are out in full force. Even the hawks have come out to play. We have ravens building nests nearby and I am attempting to master my raven call. I’ve had luck calling one in, but then it stopped real short and looked very surprised to find me 🙂 I obviously need to get out more. They have quite the vocabulary so I guess I’ll keep on learning.

We just got back from checking all three trail cams and oh my, what we did find! We finally captured the long sought after wolf – this really is Winterfell!!

Mule deer selfie
Another mule deer selfie


Pretty coyote
My what big eyes you have…

Now it’s time for spring to bring us some baby animal pics!


4 Comments on “Wolf!

  1. The wolf is beautiful! Winterfell ain’t bad either!
    (You’ve got a side arm on you during your walks, right?)
    Loving the blog!

    • Thanks! No side arm since it is Canada, but definitely a rifle and two pit bulls 🙂

  2. Love your Blog and funny Ravin relationship, UB sits on the back porch and makes bird conversations (within neighbors earshot) , wish we had that beautiful wide open space!

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