In the beginning…

We started on this homesteading journey the first day Husband and I met. Our conversation led to the ideas of owning critters, growing our own food and we talked and talked about living a more simple life and getting back to the land and to nature. Pretty hot first date, huh? These were things I always thought, but never really envisioned happening, at least not in my next five year plan. I am a goal setter, and each year, I write down my goals and always have a five year plan. I think it’s important to put things out into the universe, otherwise, how will the universe respond? It sounds kind of New Age but seriously, in 2009 before I met Husband, one of my goals was to “Own my own house with a BIG backyard”, written exactly as that. Here I am 5 years later with my own house and the biggest backyard I could have imagined. So think what you will.

On our wedding day, his parents gifted us 160 acres of raw land on the Peace River in British Columbia (YES!). It was, and still is, being farmed by a local farmer, but only in the fields and we were excited to dream up all of the possibilities. Of course, reality butted in and after many nights of list making, dreaming and talks with the bank, we realized what a huge undertaking this was going to be. Not only did we have zero utilities, we barely had a workable road in. We also had to deal with a mess of immigration to get me legal. So we decided to find Husband a job and send him first, in the spring, and then I would follow in the fall regardless of my immigration status. We’d just have to deal with it. Our entire relationship was built on long stints of time apart, so we knew it would be hard, but we could most definitely do it. Husband left Alaska in April of 2013 with a truck full of belongings and my first born dog, Wyatt. Honestly, I think it was harder to say goodbye to Wyatt. We had never been apart. But I sent them down the road and embarked on one of the most epic summers I have ever experienced in Alaska. Husband embarked on one of the hardest working summers he had ever experienced.

Working a full time job and preparing land for a home is no easy task. Good thing Husband is such a “doer”. He loves to be busy and loves to work hard. Did I luck out or what? Our modular home was put on order to build after we secured the construction loan. It is true when they tell you that everything will take longer and be more expensive than you think, but we worked on our patience and our communication skills, a lot… Some of the things we had to contract out, but we tried (with help from family and friends) to do most of it ourselves. Not only for the cost savings, but because we really wanted to learn through this process and be a part of our homestead journey.

Here’s our list of what we accomplished in our first summer, 2013:

  • Upgrade farm road and add ditches
  • Fence all 160 acres with barb wire fencing
  • Clear, add gravel & compact house pad site
  • Drive piles for house to sit on
  • Dig and install well
  • Dig septic tank and have installed
  • Install propane tank
  • Clear and mulch trees for power line
  • Receive house and hook up gas, water & sewer
  • Build stairs front/back & large deck
Father-in-law & brother-in-law fencing our acreage
Our beautiful fence line
Driving piles
Compacting in my skirt and work boots
Learning new skills
Our helper
It’s not glamorous, but somebody has to do it
Digging for the septic tank
Wyatt loves machines… and his Dad
The house has arrived!
Putting it on the piles
Deck work


So, after an exhausting couple of months, our house was delivered. We didn’t get power until October (remember, everything takes twice as long as they tell you) and moved in November 2013. Not too shabby of a start to this wild and grand adventure! Now the fun part begins… our homesteading goals for 2014.


7 Comments on “In the beginning…

  1. Very cool.
    I hope the grand adventure keeps bringing a smile to your face and love all around you.

  2. You’re living my 15 year plan! I’m loving your blog and in awe of your adventure!

    • Thanks Bonny, go for the 15 year plan, it’s turning out to be wonderfully worth it 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you are chronicling your experiences. I’m excited for an in-person visit to Canadian Acres someday.

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