Well hey there! My name is Katy and this is my life. I’m a raised Alaskan girl who loves adventure and my what an adventure I’m on. I’ve always loved the outdoors and spent my youth exploring the wilds of Alaska and Colorado as I grew up, went to college for a Marketing degree and a Master’s in Business, and worked as an Operations Manager of a veterinarian hospital and an Account Exec for an Advertising firm. I loved my life and the opportunities Anchorage provided, but wouldn’t you know it, fate stepped in and a tall dark cowboy came into my life in 2009.

His name was Clay and he grew up in the Peace River Valley in British Columbia, 4th generation in fact, and we met in Maui on vacation. After realizing that he didn’t own a vacation home in Maui and actually lived in a colder and darker place then I did,  a very amazing and lovely romantic comedy ensued and we ended up dating long distance for a year (he lived in the Northwest Territories, me in Anchorage) until he made the move to Anchorage in 2011. We decided to get hitched and hitched we did, obtaining some pretty amazing wedding gifts that would change the course of our lives forever. I mean, we got a stud horse… who does that.

Clay’s family owned many acres of gorgeous raw farmland on the banks of the Peace River and gifted us with 160 acres of it. We couldn’t say no to an opportunity like that! Although the land had never seen a modern home on it, homesteaders had made good lives there in the past. So homesteaders we became. We had no structures, no utilities, no well… but we did have one hell of a view and a whole lot of wild horses. We packed up the horse trailer in 2013 and moved from Anchorage to the Peace Valley – a scary, exciting, amazing and somewhat lonely experience. My whole life changed and although I knew I was up for the challenge, I was terrified of building a whole new life. Literally.

Thus this blog was born. I first started Canadian Acres as an outlet, a platform to tell our story and an outreach tool to all of my friends and family who felt so far away. Over the past few years, it’s grown into this beautiful photo journal of our struggles, our laughter, our heartache and our day to day lives as we learn how to be homesteaders, farmers, livestock owners, wild horse wranglers and parents along the way.

We were given the rare opportunity to start from scratch at a young age, and we have much more to do as we build our homestead, raise our ranch, start our organic market garden and build our green dream home. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as we do!

It’s been a wild ride and things are just starting to get fun – Welcome to Canadian Acres





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10 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you! It looks like you have some great information on your blog as well. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful bloggers out there going through the same thing as us. Keep sending out that good information! ~Katy

  1. Hi Katy,

    I saw your touching story about Wyatt being attacked by wolves. I’m so sorry to hear about the attack. I’m a reporter in Fort St. John for CJDC TV News and I would like to cover your story. I think Peace residents should know what happened to Wyatt and be aware about the wolves out there. If you could call or email me back as soon as you can that would be great. I would like to cover your story this upcoming monday (March 30). My email is kerrisa.wilson@bellmedia.ca or you can contact our newsroom at 250-785-6397. Thank you.

  2. Im in BC as well (In a city) and really wanting to start a Homestead as well. Love your site. I am doing everything I can while still being in the city to learn what I can for when we hopefully move to more wide open spaces 🙂

  3. First of all thank you for sharing your experiences. My wife and I and our four children are in the planning stages of making a huge move from southern Ontario to the far north of Ontario. Reading about the experiences of others is very helpful. Not just in the technical aspects of homestead living but the mental or emotional side as well. So again thank you for sharing and teaching.

  4. I’m happy to have found your blog! So many great pictures to get inspiration from. My wife grew up on the Peace River and I met her while I was living in Alaska. What a coincidence!! We’d like to settle there but are nervous about the new Dam. Is your property threatened by the new Dam at all?

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